Jason – The Content Librarian

            Imitating and Stealing in Library Innovation

In his article, Jason has emphasised a lot on imitating and copying in library innovation, versus that of stealing someone else’s idea whole sale and expecting the same results.  Based on what Jason has shared, I believe he was making the point to say don’t imitate or steal, unless you are willing to incorporate the ideas of another library’s innovation and fitting it into your own strategic goal, and overall direction of your library.

Looking at the success of another library doesn’t necessarily mean that copying the whole idea will allow you to enjoy the same success. Since most times we are too often led to believe, that “copying something is easier than creating it.” Which, in most cases we do not understand the connecting dots behind the overall success, and according to Jeff “The copier doesn’t know why the thing looks the way it looks”.

I stand firm by the video embedded in his article by Jeff Veen, where he emphasised that we should “be intentional in what we steal” and “steal the principles behind the successful ideas”, rather than taking the entire idea whole sale and waiting to enjoy the same success as your predecessor.  If librariesenhance this principle, then stealing elements of what other librarians have done and incorporating those elements into our existing strategy to create something new can be a recipe for success. In this way libraries can take the ideas of another library but tailor these ideas to suit their own library and making the thing their own, which leaves me to say “Good design is innovative”. –by Jeff veen


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